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Music is the Glue – A Poem by Bob Jesshop

When we were told to lock down and we’d have to isolate, Driving home from work, I thought now wouldn’t it be great, If, while sitting there at home, a few friends from open mic, Could post a little tune online, now that’s something I’d like. Now I’m no great musician, but I like to […]

Aderyn – A Story by Eleanor Healing

Each Christmas Eve before the war, my father would gather us together around the fire. “Come, we’ll have a ghost story.” He would say, filling his pipe and leaning back on the armchair. Tapping in the tobacco, he would wait for his audience. Little Kate was still a baby then. Uncle Philip and Aunt Olive […]

Reluctance – Chapter 7 – A Story by Robert Honour

Chapter 7 – Vegetarian Moussaka “Why’d you let him speak to me that?” The look on Sammy’s face was one that only Chris’ dad seemed capable of creating. “You know he didn’t mean it as an insult. He’s of a particular generation I guess…” The weakness of Chris’ response resulted in the look becoming entrenched. […]

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