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Melt – Nonsense by Robert Honour

I make buildings full of cheeseDreaded Dairy InfirmariesFull-fat yogurts, sent to dieTears of milk leak from their eyes Cattle cheer and goats they bleatSheepies stamp their woolly feetIce creams scream at what’s insideGreat big buttery genocide

Without Purpose or Direction – A Story by Robert Honour

Apparently, depression affects around five percent of the adult population. I’m not sure if the knowledge of this shared melancholia is comforting or whether it simply adds to the feeling of despair. Perhaps it’s meant to help us feel less isolated, though I can’t say that I find any solace in the fact that others […]

Wonder – A Poem by Paul Cooper

Possibility after possibility A vivid myriad of colours not subdued by compartmentalised constructs Endless explosions of ideas Each spark a catalyst for the next explosion On and on, no walls or barriers No limits, no exclusions, no prejudice Unlimited perceptions and theory’s imagined Free from the shackles of conformity And exclusive of the prison walls […]