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Misinformation Generation – A Poem by Paul Cooper

The virtual conquer and divide Sense and rationality denied One and zero became the hero Minds dumbed down, the data cloud Weak minds infected, then dragged down A false new age breeds bitter rage Each splintered faction hellbent on action The lies, the falsehoods, a fatal attraction A skill forgotten, yes – interaction. Sprawling instant […]

The Story of the Boy and the Girl – A Short Story

There’s a stream. On one side walks a boy. On the other, a girl. The sun shines brightly and there’s a warmth and stillness in the air. Birds sing and flowers decorate their separate, but similar routes. They’re walking on opposite banks at an almost identical pace. The boy regularly glances up at the girl […]

Awakening – A Poem

An eye blinks at a speed it shouldn’tThe lids falter and creek as they reuniteGathered dust returns back into the atmosphereAnd moisture slowly gathers in the darkness.Against better judgement, the lashes part once moreThen the pupils begin to functionTrembling slowly scanning left to rightEventually, settling on the oblique raysThat battle through misted windowsAnd onto the […]

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