Wonder – A Poem by Paul Cooper

Possibility after possibility
A vivid myriad of colours
not subdued by compartmentalised constructs
Endless explosions of ideas
Each spark a catalyst for the next explosion
On and on, no walls or barriers
No limits, no exclusions, no prejudice
Unlimited perceptions and theory’s imagined
Free from the shackles of conformity
And exclusive of the prison walls of society’s subconsciously imposed ideals
Relentless options, endless ideas, boundless thoughts
The very essence of human mind
Unchained, unbridled infinite imagination
Pure of thought, a true free spirit
An awe inspiring freedom of primal lucidity
A soundness of untainted intuition and instinct
One creation spawns another, a mental chain reaction
You teach me to rethink, strip back and think again
Barriers broken down, a new uncontaminated angle appears
You free my mind
And yet you are just a child

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